Personal and professional mentorship

Looking to enter a mentorship relationship with someone who gets you? I offer guidance, support, and insight to help you feel more purposeful, authentic, and confident in your personal and professional life. Whether you are navigating a specific challenge, need an unbiased space to speak your mind freely, or simply want to pick my brain, I’m here to listen, reflect, and help you grow as a person.

My mentorship sessions are $110 for 50 minutes or $300/month for weekly 45-minute meetings. Think we're a fit? Schedule a free consultation!

My Mentorship Approach

Hi, I'm an open book.

People value that I'm comfortable with prickly topics. I don't hide my struggles or pretend to be something I'm not. I think this is what puts people at ease around me. Yay for authentic self-expression!

I accept people for who they are, AND encourage them to be better (if they want to). I view human behavior through existential psychology, which complements my nihilism in mysterious and interesting ways. My approach is informed by nondual philosophy, communication, social justice, and ethics.

Life has had its share of twists and turns for me. Needless to say, I'm enjoying the ride because I'm resourceful, (cautiously) optimistic, and don't take myself too seriously. I owe my success to privilege, hustle, community love, and a dose of luck. I love helping people, solving social problems, and social entrepreneurship. I'm a forever student of life. My special skill is being able to reinvent myself. My toxic habit is setting unrealistic standards for myself and feeling entitled to it. I'm an overachiever and constantly have to keep my ambition in check so it doesn't take the driver's seat and sabotage my mental health.

Fun fact: I have multiple Master's degrees but being over-educated did not adequately prepare me for adulting. I'm self-taught in most of the "soft" skills, tools, and practices I've learned for my own self-mastery. I'm most proud of my growth-mindset, which I've worked super hard to cultivate, despite feeling like a failure more often than I'd like to admit lol.

I'm really passionate about self-help, but I have massive skepticism toward the capitalist wellness industry. I actively seek out balanced, inclusive, and science-backed perspectives about health, well-being, and quality of life. I'm a mental health advocate and trauma survivor. I've made peace with my flawed human existence AND I know I am so much more than my story. My favorite thing in the world is helping people break free from the self-imposed cage of their ego. My highest spiritual value is the freedom to be yourself. I dream of a world where we can be ourselves without being othered, discriminated, and stigmatized. Community service is at the heart of every single thing that I do. I'm big on this thing called human rights.

People say that wisdom comes with age, but I don't believe that's always true. I believe in every person's potential to grow and change no matter what age or stage of life they are in.  I bring a lot of patience, compassion, and understanding to my relationships, including the one I hope to cultivate with you!

I'm offering this service because my mentors have been pivotal in my self-growth and career/life aspirations. I believe that great mentors are few and far in between. I believe I'm a great mentor because I can listen without judgement, provide constructive feedback, and manage my own biases, feelings, and projections. I'm also always learning! True mentorship is a collaborative effort which teaches us so much about teamwork, humility, and trust-building. The truth is, we are all students and teachers of each other.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed learning about me and feel like you'd benefit from my support, reach out! I'm looking forward to helping you apply yourself in new and exciting ways. Cheers to your growth and evolution!

Personal and professional mentorship

Services offered

Professional development mentorship:

Conflict resolution, communication, and other interpersonal effectiveness skills

Problem solving, creativity, and innovation

Leadership skills

Confidence building, boundaries, and assertiveness

Self-mastery & mindset development

Managing stress and burnout

Personal development mentorship:

Mindfulness skills and distress tolerance  

Emotion regulation. adaptibility, and resilience

Growth-mindset development

Confidence building and authentic self-expression

Living in alignment with your goals and values

Navigating life changes