Change starts from within. But it doesn’t stop there.

Welcome to Seek with Ser: a space for socially-conscious humans who want to do better,  feel good, and be the change.


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The integrative path is where science and spirituality meet social change. We do this by applying insights from psychology + spirituality to i our lives, our relationships, and the world. No bypassing allowed; we are here for every experience.

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Check out my engaging blog, where I deep dive into topics around self-help, spiritual seeking, social trends, and ethics. I use a grounded, no-nonsense approach to challenge the status quo and cut through the noise around complex (and confusing) topics that define our times.

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Transformative Experiences with Ser

"Seek With Ser's courses and mentorship have been instrumental in helping me uncover my true potential and break free from toxic patterns in my personal and professional life."

Jessica Thompson

Freelance Designer

"The Ethical Brand Consulting service offered by Seek With Ser has allowed me to revamp my business approach, putting people and purpose at the core of my brand's values."

David Martinez

Small Business Owner

"Margarit's insightful blog articles have challenged my beliefs and deepened my understanding of psychology, spirituality, and social change, inspiring me to live a more conscious life."

Priya Gupta

Marketing Specialist
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Conscious Revolution is a newsletter & podcast about the intersection of cults, cons, and capitalism. How do we define ourselves outside of exploitative social systems, mainstream cults, internet echo-chambers, and authoritarian agendas? How do we navigate the collective struggle to discern reality from illusion? Conscious Revolution is a critical exploration of this and so much more! Get in, loser: We're starting a Conscious Revolution!

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